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Your company, international

Point Roberts is open for business.

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Your company, international

Point Roberts is open for business.

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Why do business in Point Roberts?

Due to our unique geography and growing population, business owners in Point Roberts are able to provide creative solutions that capture the attention of Americans and Canadians alike.

As the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce, we are a collaboration of entrepreneurs facing the challenges of attracting and retaining international clients.

Join us to establish healthy business practices, and attract your ideal customers from both sides of the border.

Our best memberships include networking events, trainings, and even a professional headshot that you may use for your print and online media.


Point Roberts provides residents with the perfect location to discover wildlife, the San Juan Islands (13 miles), the Canadian Gulf Islands (10 miles), World Class Golf (2 miles), and private airport (1 mile). Point Roberts, WA is located 30 miles northwest of Bellingham, WA and 22 miles south of downtown Vancouver, BC, immediately adjacent to the lower mainland community of Tsawwassen. An anomaly of politics and geography, Point Roberts, has saltwater on three sides and a land bridge to the north connecting to Canada. It’s a great place to get away, and still be just minutes from the heart of Vancouver.


The Point is in a “Blue Hole”, with some of the best weather in the Northwest. Being an equal distance from the surrounding mountains on Vancouver Island to the west, and to the east, the Vancouver north shore mountains, Mount Baker and the Cascades, weather, clouds and fog, are blown out, creating a microclimate with annual rainfall one third that of neighboring Vancouver.


Fly-in, drive-in, boat-in; whether you are an entrepreneur, engineer, educator, or early retiree, Point Roberts is a great place to call home. Bring your golf clubs to play the Point’s all-season championship golf course. Lounge on your boat, walk or bicycle to view seals and orca whales, nearby bald eagle’s nests and one of the largest Great Blue Heron rookeries in North America. Getting to the Point is easy. Visitors and locals utilize Vancouver International Airport (YVR – 25 minutes) and Bellingham International (BLI – about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the border traffic) and there is an airstrip, which is serviced from Bellingham. 

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Founder & CEO
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Perfect for sole proprietors who work by themselves
  • Listing in our business directory
  • Access to our online documentation
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